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Home Waterproofing

Get The Job Done Right

how exterior drainage works

There are a number of local contractors offering a water drainage solution for your basement that involves draining water from the inside through a pump, trenching and other quick fixes like crack-filling. These aren't solutions, just band aids that allow the continued weakening and degradation of water-saturated concrete, brick and mortar. At JG Construction, our drainage and waterproofing solution is better for your home and it's foundation walls and avoids introducing stormwater illegally into municipal sewer systems. It's a real solution!

Keep The Water Out

We use DMX AG Membrane as your first line of defense. The membrane is fitted tight against your exterior foundation walls providing a snug "rain Jacket" that's designed to last and provide consistent performance.  It's designed to also direct water to the weeping tile drainage below. Using a unique design for each home and property the system will carry the water efficiently to nearby storm drainage, and away from your basement, helping to keep it dry and snug.

DMX AG Foundation Wrap

Direct The Water Away

NS Spec 4 sewer pipe

Some competitors use a "big-o" type drainage pipe that can compress when buried, resulting in partial or full drain blockage. We use NS Spec 4 sewer pipe to withstand the weight of soil compaction and keep your drainage system working great for years to come.  We also use carefully placed class A gravel at the right depth over the pipe to ensure water is carried efficiently and effectively throughout the design. In most cases your drainage system will be designed to work on gravity only for minimal maintenance with no sump pump noise!

Protect Your Investment

Our storms are getting more intense with record rainfalls. Stop the damage to your foundation walls and protect your home.  Get a waterproofing and drainage solution from JG Construction. Don't settle for a bandaid measure like adding trenches, a sump pump or crack filling. Stop the water from doing damage to the concrete or brick and mortar in your foundation by having us waterproof and build drainage specifically for your home and property. Call for your free estimate or with any questions.   

JG Construction excavator at work



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