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Project Planning, Estimation & Management

JG Construction are experienced partners who can negotiate the best pricing for materials and craftsmanship without compromising the quality of your project.  We can use our experience with project management and our network of tradesmen and suppliers to alleviate the stress factor of planning and performing your dream renovation.

Home Building Services

We have experience in building quality residential homes for 25 years. JG Construction can build a specification or custom home and manage the project to completion.  JG Construction knows that a quality home starts with quality products and innovative materials.  Today’s homes and building code requirements are ever-changing. Let JG Construction help you navigate your new construction project from start to finish.

Renovations & Restorations

Well within our comfort zone lies the art of being able to mesh the new and old together. Considering how many heritage era homes this city has, this is familiar territory for us. We have completed a variety of residential and commercial retrofits involving:


  • Kitchens and bathrooms

  • Windows, doors, enclosures

  • Additions and conversions

  • Multi-unit renovation

  • Mechanical ventilation & heat pumps

  • Plumbing & electrical

  • Exterior cladding, interior trim

  • Special wooding projects

  • Excavation, heavy equipment & surveying

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